The Multi-Billion Dollar Rx Middlemen: PBMs Explained

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) have become embedded in the ecosystem of drug pricing– but these middlemen are one of the reasons patients see high prices at the pharmacy counter. This episode is a crash course in everything drug pricing with a focus on PBMs, from...

What Does Pharmaceutical Innovation Mean and How Does It Affect Me?

By Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and marketing are long, nuanced, and expensive processes. While innovation in this space has a direct impact on both disease, prevention and disease outcomes, patients may often feel distant...

Patients Rising Now Signs onto CMS Letter Supporting Access to Chronic Kidney Disease Care

Patients Rising Now signed onto a letter to CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure calling for CMS to improve access to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Treatment for Medicare beneficiaries. CKD and other kidney-related disorders are very common in both Americans aged...

Seniors Need Real Transparency from their Health Plans and Lower Prices at the Pharmacy Counter — for All Seniors.

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Patients Rising’s Advocacy Masterclass 

At Patients Rising we believe that patients and caregivers hold the power to move the needle in healthcare and create a better tomorrow for all patients and caregivers by raising their voice! That is why we offer our Advocacy Masterclass, designed to train patients, caregivers, and citizens in the art of healthcare advocacy.

Terry Wilcox speaking

From Our Patient Advocates

As a patient, I expect to be able to access the health care services I need.

“Medicare refuses to cover my tube feeds. Since my doctor is unable to show proof that I will need my feeding tube forever, they don’t deem it as necessary. Reality is, without my feeding tube I wouldn’t be here today. I need it to survive. The rules and regulations are a one-size-fits-all model for humans who are complex and unique.”

Carolanne Monteleone

Gastroparesis Patient, Pennsylvania

As a patient, health care decisions will remain between me and my doctor.

“It is essential to find a doctor or team who not only listens to and believes you but also respects you, it’s all too easy to get overlooked, ending up with your insurance company dictating your care. I owe my parents everything for taking me to a psychiatrist when I was six or seven and unable to function due to my intrusive thoughts and obsessive tendencies. I can’t imagine how much more painful my childhood might have been otherwise. Access to the right kind of medical care can be not only the difference between life and death, it can also be the difference between misery and a life worth living.”

Hannah Page

Borderline Personality Disorder, New York, NY

As a patient, additional health care costs will be limited by my health insurance company.

“Insurance should protect me from catastrophic costs as that’s the purpose of insurance. My costs should be a reflection of my care, not the cost of a company doing business. I will not be charged unreasonable or unexpected out-of-pocket costs for services after I have paid my premiums. Why should patients like me pay coinsurance based off the list price and not the negotiated rebate price? My insurance company should work to minimize my out of pocket costs and concentrate on providing care to me and my family.”

Bob Tufts

Multiple Myeloma, New York, NY