We The Patients

 “I think the Fly-In provided an invaluable opportunity to visit the offices of our elected officials and present the policies and bills we want them to support to improve our treatments, costs and quality of life. This is the best way to make an impact and tell our personal stories. Also, meeting and joining with so many advocates from across the country is an uplifting and motivational experience unlike any other. Everyone should go!!!”

– 2023 Attendee


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Voices of Value

Eleven teams of patient advocates met with more than 55 congressional offices in the House and the Senate. Members of Congress and their staff listened to patient and caregiver stories and learned about the importance of banning the discriminatory Quality-Adjusted-Life-Year across the federal government, putting Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the sunlight so drug discounts are going to the patient, and banning co-pay accumulators, which are adding to the medical and financial burden of many Americans.  

2023 We The Patients Photo Gallery

“Patient’s Rising does a great job of having their finger on the pulse of the issues affecting families living with rare and chronic conditions. Plus, they have built a great network of stakeholders and congressional offices to help our voices be heard so we can make a difference.”

“Very valuable, interesting, impactful conference and experience.”