Welcome to a special edition of Terry’s Hot Takes. Patients Rising is an organization that advocates on behalf of the 133 million Americans living with chronic disease. Like Congress, we still have more to do before the end of 2021:

Last week, we hosted health policy experts to discuss improving the uptake of biosimilars and the role of patient advocates. Our focus for the discussion lab:

  • Potential of these medicines
  • Misaligned market incentives 
  • Misinformation that discourages the use of this and other lower-priced alternatives. 

We invite healthcare staffers to listen to the discussion.

My Response to President Biden’s recent drug pricing speech.

 As Congress looks to wrap up the first half of the 117th Congress, following is a quick round up of Patients Rising initiatives in 2021:

Patient Perspective on Federal Healthcare Initiatives in 2021:

Our work on ICER:

Patient Voices in 2021:

On the first Tuesday of every month, I hope to add value to your inbox by providing a look at legislation and regulation through the patient lens. If Patients Rising can be of assistance to your office, please reach out to me directly via twilcox@patientsrising.org or at 202-750-4331.

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