Terry’s Hot Take is a monthly resource for lawmakers by the Executive Director of Patients Rising, on behalf of the 133 million Americans living with chronic disease.

  • National Health Issues SurveyIn May 2021, Patients Rising conducted a national survey of 1,500+ registered voters on national health issues, including patient access and affordability, drug pricing policies, and trust among healthcare stakeholders.


  • Voters find their health insurance premiums to be a greater financial burden than the cost of prescription drugs.
  • Overall, voters are more concerned with reducing healthcare premiums than copays by a margin of 43% to 35%.
  • Only 18% of voters say it is difficult to pay for prescription drugs, but 30% of voters with 5 or more prescriptions have difficulty paying for prescriptions.
    • Those on private plans and with fewer prescriptions are more concerned about premiums.
    • Those on Medicaid and with 5 or more prescriptions are more concerned about lowering copays
  • Americans are wary of systems like those used in Europe to contain drug cost
  • At least one-third of those surveyed are unsure about the role independent agencies like ICER should play in setting health policyON BEHALF OF PATIENTS, our comments on ICER’s Draft Evidence Report:

ICER’s Draft Evidence Report entitled, “JAK Inhibitors and Monoclonal Antibodies for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis,” Patients Rising Now provided comments on the myopic, cost-fixated approach in ICER’s report that will likely reduce access to therapies and impair the kind of patient-clinician care planning and coordination essential to treating this condition.


Click here for my statement against those who do not want patients to have a voice in policy.

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