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Tell Your Representative: Vote NO on the Inflation Reduction Act

The Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act over the weekend, which includes the drug price negotiation bill. It now heads to the House of Representatives, where it is expected to be considered as early as Friday. The problem with this legislation is that it does not guarantee that drug prices will be lowered.

Tell Congress to STOP putting costs on Americans and to START saving our cures. Now is the time to stand up for YOUR healthcare concerns.

Did You Know?

  • This bill does nothing to stop PBMs from pocketing savings meant for patients
  • This bill only negotiates drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries, only negotiates 10 drugs, and will only help 3% of all beneficiaries.
  • The Government collects $300 billion in rebates to pay for high-income tax credits and electric vehicles, while only passing $20 billion along to seniors
  • The Congressional Budget Office did NOT predict what kind of drugs would be affected and did NOT analyze the effects of forgone innovation on public health

This Legislation Inhibits Patient Access
and Affordability

Fails to Address the Middlemen of Healthcare

Why is Congress keeping the PBM Status Quo? The Inflation Reduction Act fails to protect America’s patients from Pharmacy Benefit Managers. This legislation repeals the 2020 rebate rule and enables the harmful practices of PBM middlemen. The three biggest PBMs control over 80% of all prescriptions in America, why is Congress protecting them? Don’t let middlemen dictate your options at the pharmacy counter.

Threatens Critical Innovation

Straight From the Congressional SourceAccording to the Congressional Budget Office, this legislation will stop the development of two new drugs in ten years if enacted. How do we know it will stop at two? What if the Budget Office is wrong? Why would Congress support legislation that limits future cures? They also admit that they did not predict what kind of treatments would be affected nor did they analyze the effects of forgone innovation on public health.

Leaves Behind Seniors

Have your cake & eat it too? Congress: Don’t mind if I do! On the one hand The bill promises to negotiate drug prices for seniors on Medicare and cap their out-of-pocket expenses at $2,000. BUT this is only helping a limited number of people. (Don’t believe us, check out the Medicare Beneficiaries map). They will be able to negotiate for only 10 drugs and less than 3% of ALL Medicare beneficiaries go over that cap. Why are they ignoring the other 97%? How can this be called a victory?

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2022 Inflation Reduction Act Patient Facts

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