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Drug Utilization Review Board Advocacy Toolkit

DUR Boards and P&T Committees determine how each drug must be covered by Medicaid in that state. This often means putting criteria in place to limit or even restrict
coverage. Some examples of those limits include age requirements, step therapy requirements, or even invasive tests for the patient. These limits can have the practical
effect of blocking patient access to a drug.

Share Your Story

The most powerful way to spread understanding and compassion is to tell your story to others. Stories can encourage giving and motivate legislators, but they also bind our community together. 

Become a Social Media Ambassador

A social media ambassador conducts outreach to patients and their allies. The goal is to share our tools, our educational materials and grow the Patients Rising family. 

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Delegates are the highest level of advocates. Delegates are entrusted with the advocacy needs of entire communities, and represent them when they physically meet with law makers.

Stand Up for Causes, Quickly

Whether you are ready to join an e-signature campaign or to email your Congressional representative there are many easy ways to show your support for important causes that impact disabled, rare and chronic disease patients.

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When you financially support Patients Rising you fuel the engine that magnifies the patient voice, ensuring it stays loud and clear. Your contribution keeps PATIENTS RISING fighting for you; not for special interests or corporations, for YOU. 

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