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Grassroots National & State Advocacy Membership

Join the movement. Join the revolution. Patients are speaking out and sharing their stories at the national and state level to affect change. Policy changes start happening when patients band together district by district, city by city, and state by state to rise up and make their voices heard. Whether it is a city council in Philadelphia, a state legislature in Massachusetts, or the President of the United States — your voice matters.

Why Join?

You have been or will be a patient at some time in your life. Getting from injury or sickness to wellness can be a long journey. A patient advocate can help.

Patient advocates can guide patients through the healthcare system at any point in the patient journey. A vocal advocate can help you get an appointment, take notes during that appointment, help you press your insurance for the services owed to you, find you legal services, and so much more. But advocates also speak up for you when you can’t, and fight for the rights of patients everywhere – rights to access the treatments needed, when needed, delivered with dignity.

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