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Wednesday Wake-Up: Congressional Recess and What That Means For You!

Congress begins its recess in August. This began in 1970 when Congress mandated a summer break as part of the Legislative Reorganization Act. Why do our legislators take a recess when there is so much to be done? There are a handful of reasons that we will talk about and you might be surprised how […]

Afternoon Tea Time: The Importance of Storytelling

When we talk to legislators and policymakers on what actually makes a difference, the one thing that they all say is, “Your Story Matters!” So do you ever wonder how you tell your story to others? Do you want to put your story to good use? Your story is what makes change happen.Join me on […]

Wednesday Wake Up: Why is Advocacy So Important?

Okay, so we have been meeting for a few months now. We have discussed topics like State Policy, Coalitions, State Policies on specific diseases, and so much more, but we never really discussed ins and outs of Advocacy.Well, this week you are in luck. Patients Rising Now has completed the inaugural Advocacy Masterclass to rave […]