Patients Rising Now is an organization focused on all patients living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses in the United States. We work with our partners to help activate and mobilize the patient voice through our active PRN Delegate Recruitment Program. 

Every patient that has ever been denied access to health care treatments or services knows that health insurance does not equal health care. Coverage is important but access is everything. Our goal is to make patient access and affordability to medical innovation and much needed treatments the highest priority among our elected leaders at all levels of government. PRN is building an all volunteer delegate movement in every legislative district in America. We believe that if patients unite in their demand for access, affordability, and choice in their health care — their voice will win. With the help of partners, volunteers, members, and our generous donors, we are prepared to engage in this fight. It was why we were formed.

Corporate partnerships are critical to the success of our work. We look forward to building these ongoing relationships that leverage our mutual strengths and provide strong benefits to all.