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Patient Declaration

At Patients Rising Now, we believe health care coverage should mean access to care. The cornerstone of your health is knowing your rights as a patient and the responsibilities of those serving you. As a patient, you have the right and responsibility to be informed and participate in decisions about your health, your care, and your coverage. At a time when more Americans have health insurance than at any other time in history, we need to ensure that coverage means care. The goal of Patients Rising Now is to protect all health care consumers and make sure decisions about care remain between patients and their health care provider. Together, our voices can be a powerful tool for change and hold insurance companies accountable for their actions.

At Patients Rising Now we declare:


As a patient, I expect to be able to access the health care services I need.

When I pay for insurance coverage, there will be a choice of primary care doctors, specialists and hospitals in my area that are covered by my health insurance plan. If I have an emergency, I will receive care at the hospital. Insurance is supposed to allow me to access and afford care to maintain my health. My insurance company should not get between me and the treatment my doctor recommends. If a claim for services is denied, the process for me and my provider to appeal will be clear and simple.


As a patient, health care decisions will remain between me and my doctor.

My health insurance company will not interfere with my personal health care decisions. My provider, my family and I will decide the best course of treatment for my condition. My health care needs are unique and will not be subject to arbitrary, cookie-cutter guidelines based on cost and administrative decisions made by my insurance company. My provider will have the freedom to prescribe the treatment he or she sees is best for my individual needs. My insurance company will not change the course of treatment my health care provider prescribes in the doctor’s office or at the pharmacy counter.


As a patient, I will have access to my personal health information and my health insurance company will be clear and transparent with me about their practices.

My health insurance company will provide clear, understandable summaries of benefits and costs. When I am choosing insurance coverage and once I am enrolled, I will be able to easily find out exactly which doctors, hospitals, and medicines are covered. I will have a clear understanding before buying insurance what potential out-of pocket-costs will be. My insurance company will make clear the process for appeal if my coverage is denied.


As a patient, additional health care costs will be limited by my health insurance company.

Insurance should protect me from catastrophic costs as that’s the purpose of insurance. My costs should be a reflection of my care, not the cost of a company doing business. I will not be charged unreasonable or unexpected out-of-pocket costs for services after I have paid my premiums. My insurance company should work to minimize overhead costs and concentrate on providing care to me and my family.


As a patient, I expect my health care coverage will treat me as an individual, not a policy number:

My privacy, and that of my family, will be a priority for my health insurance company. My individual health information and data will be protected by my insurance company. If I am having difficulty with my insurer, I can expect to talk to a live person, in my language, about my situation, in a timely and respectful manner. My insurer will not try to tell my provider how to deliver my care. My insurer will not make any changes to my health care plan, including potential termination of coverage, changes in benefits, or changes in out-of-pocket costs during the plan year.